About Me

My name is Steve and I love Cocoa. I was working in AppleCare when Apple bought NeXT. That was my first view of the NeEXTStep APIs, which would go on to form the foundation of Cocoa. I was amazed at how clean and clear it was, especially compared to the GUI toolkits of the day.

I've worked in Apple Training and Certification and designed and developed some of the the very first courses Apple delivered as part of the Apple Certified Technical Coordinator and Apple Certified System Administrator course tracks.

I've worked as an iOS developer, both as an independent contractor, and as an employee at a startup.

About the Site

I run Google Analytics on this site becaue I want to know which posts are popular. That helps me know what topics people want know about, which in turn makes the site useful to more readers.

I don't have any hidden sources of income from this site. That means no affilate links or paid posts. One day I may have a my own products that I sell here, but I'll try not to be obnoxious about it. My readers are my customers.